Greatest Reasons why Software Developer is a Good Career Choice

You want to become software developer. Say you’re in college and thinking about entering the world of work. Or, otherwise, if you are in the working world and plan to go back to college to get a more interesting and better paying job.

As a software developer, you will work with team members as much as you want to learn about your life and develop new ideas that will make the world a better place. Enjoying the balance of work life, you will also work in some of the best tech companies. According to US BLS data, the employment of software developers is forecast to increase by 21% from 2020 to 2028. This is more quickly than the average of other professions.

These, indeed, are good reasons to consider this profession. There is another reason why it is even more interesting if you are in a hurry to learn new things and need dynamic ideas to stay engaged.

Opposed to other work lines, software development is never boring. Creative spirit is promoted, not discouraged, and intelligent people are celebrated, not ignored.

Become software developer

Strong Points

Discover New Ideas

Every day you will face new challenges. You are an engineer working on potentially very complex tasks. we need to know how to figure things out, and if you don’t, you need to learn on the job. You are anticipated to be learning on a daily basis, and this is amazing because you are not impasses in the job market but developing a lot of experience over time. Valuable experience for your company, other companies if you decide to change jobs, or even for yourself if you want to try stand-alone. The need to learn every day can be either frustrating or very interesting. It all depends on your way of thinking.

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High Demand Profession

I have no idea of a single developer who is good and has a job or something to do. Good developers are in high demand. You can’t find a job for a top or famous company, but local companies are eager to find skills.

You can go to bay area and join a top company, earn a lot of money and spend the day with the smart people in making the next big thing.

If you don’t have  find a job, so you can choose various field especially as a developing web developer, a profession that is more open to remote work.

Able to Work Remotely

Working long distances, even just a few days a week, creates a good work. This is not allowed in all environments, but remote work is an advantage that is very suitable for software development.

If you are one of the developers who want 100 remote jobs, then you are basically given the choice to stay wherever you want with a decent internet connection.

All you need is a good internet connection and some quiet space in your home (a dedicated room is highly recommended) and you can sit there, do your best and spend time as needed. As long as you perform the task you are expecting, you have full permission to choose your own times.

Software Developer Salary

Software development is one of the jobs that depend on your responsibilities and how good you are at your job – usually comes with a good salary. As an inaccessible employee, you can choose to work for a richer country and reap the economic benefits of doing so. Of course, it depends a lot on the options available to you.

So if you handle to build your professional skills and experience on a professional level, you will be able to make a lot of money, no matter where you live. A highly experienced American developer can earn up to $165,000, which is a staggering amount in Switzerland, even more than the number mentioned above. After all, it is your hard work in learning and accumulating your experience that is most important in formative the value of your service.

It’s a creative way out

Its programming is a very creative profession. Whenever you go out to write a program, you create something new, as if you were playing Lego as a child.

You experiment with technologies many times, just to see if it’s not a good way, so you choose a different path. It’s never boring (unless your job is boring in the first place, but the programming skills themselves shouldn’t be boring – otherwise you always have the option to find a non-boring job).

Develop smart people

You can work on breakthrough technology to make people faster. Although you may be aware of the benefits of using intelligent study techniques, you may not have realized how easy it is to increase your cognitive skills through software, especially the use of brain training. For example, improves cognitive abilities such as cognition, speed, and problem solving. Another remarkable app is Learning Discovery, which makes it easiest to understand ideas by using “knowledge maps” to enhance visually learning.

It depends on you

Even if one can spend 10 hours a day sitting alone with a computer, it is true to say that programming is social. We use software developed by people, people write brochures and guidelines for using this software, and we rely on open source software, discuss programs and get more information.

You work with a team, which can be split or local in your office. You have stakeholders; people are waiting for your fixing. Software engineer like to go to conferences, brave people even talk about them, and we like to share, comment or share on Twitter.

Final words

The software developer field is constantly evolving, with dozens of programming languages ​​being used, and emerging technologies such as AI, progressive web apps (PWA), low code development and cyber security all need to create more jobs. Ready for Start a career in software development, which may explain why “prepared to learn” is the number one priority when hiring developers.

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