Best VPN for India in 2021 : Safe And Fast

you are seeking for a reasonable, fast and safe way to avoid online monitoring? Maybe you are abroad and VPN wants to contact India so that content from there or from other countries can be unblock? A VPN can do all this. In this article, we show you the best VPN to use in India.

India has an astonishing 462 million Internet users, making it the world’s second largest Internet market after China. The United States, at 286 million, ranks third in an era.

A VPN is considered to be one of the best for India, it should have all the features you need to have privacy, security and freedom online. In addition, it will provide an IP address in India so that you can access local services using VPN encryption.

At first glance, you may already know that there are many options when it comes to choosing a VPN. For our list of best VPNs for India, we carefully selected the best VPN providers that can meet these criteria.

Best VPNs for India

Best VPNs for India


Surfsharak is a low cost option with more than 3,100 servers in 60+ countries, including India. In addition, it has the ability to unblock content in any region, making it ideal for ignoring Indian Internet censorship or accessing your traditional services while abroad. Unlike most other VPNs, there is no limit to Surfshark connection, so you are free to browse on any device you prefer.

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SurfShark is also excellent for streaming, and has the ability to unblock Netflix, iPlayer, and more within India, and approach to Hotstar and other Indian networks from everywhere else.

SurfShark available Android, MacOS, iOS, Linux, and Windows . If you wish, you can configure it to use manually from your home router instead.

Extra Pros of Surfshark

  • Excellent unblocking ability.
  • High security features.
  • There is no connection limit.
  • No login policy.


You may have heard of NordVPN before. As one of the most popular and most secure VPN services on the market, it offers an excellent privacy-based experience, and is perfect in India as well as anywhere else.

It also uses 256-bit AES ( Advanced Encryption Standard ) and gives users the option to connect to a DNS proxy.

Unblocking Geo-restricted content on Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer is a great choice. India has one or two servers, which means that residents of the country can also access local content abroad.

It is optimised for ultra fast streaming and access to up to six devices simultaneously with support for Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android.

Extra Pros of NordVPN

  • Accelerated for HD streaming.
  • Great option for torrenting and streaming.
  • Enjoy high anonymity with no log and cryptocurrency payments.
  • Advanced encryption standards with DNS leak protection.
  • Users for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Linux and Android.


If you’re searching for a giver that balances ease of use with an inexpensive price tag, CyberGhost might be the VPN for you.

Cyber​​Ghost is a modest VPN provider that is relatively inexpensive but does not compromise on accessories: a fast connection and strict encryption. The company’s internal policy is not to protect any user data that would please privacy supporters.

Currently, there are 1,090 servers to choose from in 40 countries, including India. Locals traveling abroad are eligible to obtain an Indian IP address to open services and content back home.

However, it is seriously better to stream CyberGhost. A really useful filtering system helps you find a server that can access a particular service (for example US Netflix or iPlayer).

As a great significance VPN service, CyberGhost is deserves attention – but the above can provide a better experience for those looking for a dedicated India VPN.

Extra Pros of CyberGhost

  • Providing budget value with impressive deprivation speed.
  • powerful encryption and solid privacy policy.
  • Kill all apps and no logs.
  • Applications are easy to install and use – a great option for newbies.


ExpressVPN is one of our most trusted VPN services because of its reliability, commitment to user privacy and high speed.

With the help of Express VPN you will be able to run exclusive content from India while on vacation or business trip, and when you get back home you will be able to choose from a huge selection of media from around the world. Netflix libraries from all over the world, Hulu, BBCPlayer.

The VPN service is encrypted with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard protection, and does not contain any traffic logs other than the location of the server, the total amount of data transfers, and the connection date (not time).

Extra Pros of CyberGhost

  • Solid browsing and streaming speed.
  • Advanced Encryption, Security and Privacy.
  • Does not keep traffic log of personal data.
  • Great support.


VyprVPN is an excellent all-round pick for India. It is a service with good service and a strong level of privacy. It even runs its own network of servers.

With the help of servers in more than 70 countries, you will be able to block virtually any content, site, or streaming service from there. This includes Netflix US and the BBC iPlayer sites.

In addition, VyprVPN operates on a fast tier one network of proprietary servers, all owned by its parent company, Golden Frog. This means that VyprVPN can provide high-speed connectivity to electricity that calls streaming, P2P activity, and conferencing.

Extra Pros of VyprVPN

  • Intense security and privacy.
  • Solid number logging policy.
  • There will be no DNS and Web real-time communications leaks.
  • Good at unblocking services and sites.
  • Works with key areas of Netflix.


IPVanish possess and operates all of its server locations worldwide. Therefore, it is in complete control of all the data that passes through its system, with very little risk.

It has all the features you would need in a VPN for India, including DNS Leakage Protection, and XOR Servers. This VPN accept the majority of its server network. That is why it can provide fast and excellent communication security.

It does not store traffic or metadata logs, meaning user activity is safe and secure. At the same time, it operates multiple servers in India, which means that users from outside the South Asian country can still access their favorite sports and entertainment programs.

Extra Pros of IPVanish

  • Fully Legal Services will not compromise your privacy.
  • Impressive 4K streaming speed during testing.
  • Strong encryption secures apps.
  • No login policy.

Final Summary

Bearing in mind the population density of India, it is often one of the important places where better providers choose to search their VPN servers. Despite that, the same cannot be said of smaller, least able, providers. That way, if you want VPN to connect to India, you’ll want to stick with our list of suggested VPNs, or to make sure your chosen provider can offer VPN server in India.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Advantages of using VPN in India?

As we can see, the Indian government is increasingly tightening control over the Internet. Unfortunately, this environment means that VPNs have become an perfect choice.

How can I use VPN?

Because of their characteristics, VPN aims to help mask your identity and secure your data. However, they also come with many other capabilities.

Is VPN legitimate in India?

Although the use of VPNs cannot be legally prohibited, there are laws that prevent all users in the country from using VPNs for illegal activities. I mean, if you use a VPN service – it’s better not to keep notes.

What are the restrictions of VPN services?

Although VPNs are amazing, there are some limitations that you need to pay attention to.

Is VPN worth it?

Yes, of course. VPNs come with a great variety of benefits, in spite of their key focus is on security. VPNs also don’t show much scope, which maximizes digital freedom. Extremely versatile, VPN can be used anywhere, even helping you secure public Wi-Fi.

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