The Best VR Games in 2021 Play Right Now

Thanks to emerging technology, now is an exciting time to venture into the world of VR (Virtual reality) from the comfort of your own home. Over the past year at home, VR gaming has become a bigger part of my life than ever before. In spite of everything your setup, your budget, or the size of your living space, there’s likely to be a headset that’s best for you. With the improvement and integration of VR headsets into the mainstream, there are more games than ever before and the best VR games offer high quality, specific entertainment and immersion. Your VR headset will love you for dealing with the best VR games on this list.

best VR games

Beat Saber (Should Apply PSVR, Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, PC VR)

The Beat Saber convention track is often faster than their official peer-to-peer. The flow of the boxes does not always fit the beat of the song, or it forces you to make movements that are weird instead of flowing.

They can also be difficult to enjoy as a casual player, as many composers create only for extremely difficult settings. But Custom Track is designed with a clear and interesting, range of individual styles. Some light suede battles are arranged to mimic the literal, and others are rounded out to achieve sheer manual skills filled with massive, high-speed fire patterns.

Beat Saber is perfectly one of the best VR games for you.

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No Man’s Sky Beyond (Should Apply PSVR, PC VR)

Survival of the fittest action adventure game that is no Man’s Sky through Hello Games was one of the VR World’s most awaited releases in 2019. Exploring and discovering the worlds created by him is already an epic adventure in which many gamers are overwhelmed with joy.

In addition to the amazing feeling of increasing the speed of the wire in the orbit of a planet, you can also go about your business with the added benefit of a head mounted display. The game is a major category that you don’t value yourself, in the same beautiful way you see the stars in real life.

When you get a little used to the controls, you will be hard pressed to find more replayable games in VR, especially given the scale and scope of the method universe.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (Should Apply PSVR)

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a intimation of fresh air, even if it’s terrifying at the same time.

In spite of this ability to play it properly on PC, Xbox One and PS4, this is the first installment of the Resident Evil series, which you can say was created with virtual reality in mind. This is because, unlike the entries, Resident Evil 7 is played using a first-person way of thinking.

Don’t undertake that you can run through the game and shoot a gun, however, as Capcom has taken Resident Evil back to the roots of its survival horror with Resident Evil 7, You have to think about how you manage it. Avoid encounters with the strange enemies of the game.

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners (Should Apply Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, PSVR, PC VR)

Before there have been incidents, many people expected good for saints and sinners. As a walking dead spin in the VR world, it consisted of two things that people often suspicious about.

When the game started and made a hit, all these doubts proved to be wrong. The fighter is encouraging and frivolous, as we have often seen in TV series, comedy and other sports.

In a way, this is almost a fitting zombie apocalypse simulator. Fortunately, having a little bit of saints and sinners is not as deadly as it would be when Robert Kirkman’s army really started ambushing, but thanks to VR, it seems so real and really scary.

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission (Should Apply PSVR)

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission is not only a great VR platform, it’s also a great programming game full stop. Filled with such inventions, we have come to expect only from Nintendo’s Mario series, the Astro Boat: the rescue mission used the VR format with such great creativity, which makes other efforts seem sluggish.

Leveling around the player, and using the scale to disarm both and please your expectations, is the exact opposite of one of the best VR games you’ve ever played.

Skyrim VR (Should Apply PSVR, PC VR)

Skyrim doesn’t need an introduction. This time around, it’s the Oculus Rift, and the PlayStation VR, and, in doing so, it offers the greatest adventure game we’ve ever seen in VR. You can’t be any better than that in terms of your deer’s bang. Sure, it’s just like Scream itself, but really, the chaos of Bethesda RPG is often half-fun. Not only will you be able to revive the entire base game of Skyrim in VR.

The game also includes Downguard, Hartfire, and Dragon Bourne DLC. Even if Skyrim VR isn’t perfect at all, which has some history graphics and isn’t designed for VR from the ground up, it’s still an adventure that I want to dive easily.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (Should Apply PSVR, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, PC VR)

Deleting a bomb while receiving frightening instructions from your friends is even more intense in VR. Without further ado, keep talking about PSVR tasks, and in the event of an explosion, headset wearers are instructed to read complex instructions from a separate screen at the behest of other players wearing headsets.

It is available on non-VR platforms, but the person disarming the bomb in VR is the one who can see the bomb, which makes the situation unexpected for other players as well. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds . This is a very complex, challenging, and ultimately one of the best party games you can play in VR and beyond.

Eve: Valkyrie (Should Apply Oculus Rift; PS VR; HTC Vive)

Eve: Valkyrie Eve is based in the online world, but it only competes with competitive multiplayer spacecraft. There is not a single player mode that is offline or features a standard campaign.

Instead, you are placed in large arenas and you must shoot down the opposing team’s spaceship. You have a choice of ship classes, each with its own characteristics and roles to play during a match.

Eve: Valkyrie tracks the movement of your head from inside the cockpit around your ship to help visualize you, but otherwise the game does not rely on animation input.

Archangel: Hellfire (Should Apply Oculus Rift; PS VR)

Archangel is a mesh shooter featuring a single player story campaign for the PS4 and PC versions of the game. This campaign puts you in the cockpit of a building-sized match while working on the best online rail experience while sitting.

You will control the two arms of the match and a line of weapons to send waves of incoming enemies. When things get a little closer, you can swing your match mat around and get rid of the bad guys. The PC edition offers free stand-aloneĀ  aggressive multiplayer mode. It also gives you complete control over your match, so you can go anywhere.

Final Summary

If you own a new headset that doesn’t care which of these games you want to play, first find a free VR edition game. Although many games exist only as VR titles, some games may have a VR support bundle. If you’ve just bought a headset, check out your current sports repository, and you may find something you can already play.

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