Download 2048 Mod APK For Android Latest Version

2048 Mod APK is a brain teaser game. That is a remarkable game for Android which is fundamentally the supreme version of this game, the application in happy users private computers nearly the world for more than ten years. We have just found a platform on android that will turn our smartphones and tablets towards a great coach for the brainpower.

Because it’s a puzzle game developed by Gabriele Cirulli in HTML5, but for android download. To score maximum points, the player has to move in four groups from one side of the mesh to score. Whenever you move a square to one. When you add a square of the same value, it will melting into a new square with the earliest value of the original two squares. So if you attach two 16-point squares, for example, your value is 32 points.

2048 Mod APK

Name 2048
Size 4.7 MB
Category Puzzle Game
Latest version 3.16.38

About 2048 Mod APK

With these basic rules, players must try to score as many points as you can. With the help of Squares which can enhance the price up till 2048 points, whereupon the game gets its name but it will not be easy to stay that far. swipe to move tiles (top left to right) when there are numbers to select tiles.

They integrate into one, when 2048 tiles are get ready, the player victory, 8 .. 16… 1024 .. 2048. To access the leaderboard you need to sign in using your Google Plus account Will be.

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With this ‘easy’ mechanic, players have to try to get the maximum score. Now, reaching this point is a feat that most players will unless be able to perform.

Features 2048 Mod APK

Easy  operation game

On it you will have a board with numbers and you have to slide them so that they arrive together and the numbers vanish until you are remaining with the title numbers in the board. If you be successful, you win and you can move to the next level, a slightly more complex.

2048 is an exciting  game

This is great for people who want to train their minds and look forward to someone at any time. The graphics of this game are entirely good, although for fans of this genre it is still a board game. . The gameplay is good and easy to control.

Fast and Energetic Game

It is a game that offers fast and dynamic play, which is challenging as well as fun and addictive. The graphics we can seek in this game are not the best, but the fact is that this is not a game in which graphic details also dominate. The boards can be personalized to suit the game’s taste and our levels.

Entertainment and Addictive

This is a fun game in which we will expend more than a good amount of time trying to get the requested numbers, 2048 Mod APK. This is a good game and for those who are most addicted to those who like to challenge with numbers.

How to install 2048?

  • Open the downloaded 2048 Mod APK If this is your first time, a warning pop-up message will appear.
  • Click settings.
  • You should now allow installation from this source. Press the open button.
  • Click the Install button.
  • Enjoy it.


If you are one of those people who likes to think games and numbers. The 2048 is an application you can’t remember. And if you want a excellent game of skill and challenge. In which you can play quick and dynamic games without getting tired of playing. This is a great game you can’t stop downloading on your Android. Download this game to your system now and you’ll enjoy it all the time.

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