Download AndroRat APK For Android Updated Version

AndroRat APK: An open source client / server that creates Java / Android for the server and Java for the customer side in Android. It is a portable software program generates in 2012. It can be used as a client-side Android application in cell phones and can also be used by hackers or attackers’ PCs as a server-based application.

That way, you can manage your client-centric isolation using your computer remotely with the help of this client / server application.

AndroRat APK

Name AndroRat
Size 962 KB
Category Tools
Version Updated
Price Free

About AndroRat APK

AndroRat APK allows you to hack any form of android device or android smartphone, you should install lightweight android application centered on any individual android phone or android device similarly, you can figure out how to create your own application for it.

You should use another product called AndroRAT APK Binder. This particular APK Binder programming will completely deny you the choices you need at the moment that you need to create your own APK application.

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Features of AndroRat APK

Transfer Any type of Data

Some of these orders take your messages only to your inbox, (GPS) Global Positioning System area, contact list, your documents, Wi-Fi secret code, and more. Additionally, these documents can be used to transfer documents, record videos, capture screens, and even record videos to any device.

Set up Different Features

There is also an installed AndroRat that allows the attacker to remotely control the entire gadget and these are different things, for example, checking and fixing messages and decisions, full access to stored documents. Get, and start the gadget’s camera and microphone. These capabilities can be used at any time without information focused on the client.

Hack other devices

AndroRat is not only for hacking Android devices, it can also be used for hacking MAC (Media Access Control) Address and Windows platforms. AndroRat Mod APK can be used to control and interact with the system server that is still causing the attacker’s interruption, and it can eliminate various ways that the attacker’s clients own data and information Can use to get.

Antivirus Getway Update

Updated AndroRat and added another “Anti-Virus Theft” module, along with an increase in executions. This is due to various security programs such as Avast, AVG (Anti-Virus Guard) and Kaspersky. Due to the latest design, Mod APK now runs 2x faster. It is built with stability. Get the latest one from the connection below, and let me know what you think.


A unobtrusive AndroRat which is a closed source, it is also suitable for recording calls, writing and composing, and for clipboard information with IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) and MAC (Media Access Control Address) address of contaminated telephone.

Spy Note

This is a have to obtain for any associate, promoting any program. It provides various data, for example, GPS, texts, phone calls and photos.

How to download AndroRat APK?

Creating an APK is very easy. You do not have to do many things. It will be as small as 100 kilobits. It won’t have that much cell phone space, so if there’s anything wrong with it, it doesn’t do any harm. When Androrat for android is installed on the hunting machine. You are in complete control of their phone.

You can do anything to use the under root customer board. All of the previously mentioned controls are now in your grasp. Play your game easily at this point.

How to install Androrat APK Setup?

The Androrat APK will be used as a client-side Android application in the target phone and can be used as a server-side application on the mobile phone of hackers or attackers. Before installing the Androrat you need to configure unknown sources in order then you can install the application.


This APK does not require any coding or programming capabilities. As possible, you should evaluate how the application is used. Initially, this application design security analyst uses this application to test the framework and organization’s boundaries to test the security of any organization.

This application is located in the more delicate zones of an application and goes to the cell phone or organization. You can use this application to make any arrangements, hack any device and check the permanence of the phone

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