Download Battleheart Mod APK For Android Updated

Battleheart Mod APK is a easygoing (role-playing game) with an mapping interface, that gives you the freedom to turn your character into something you like. In this game, you play the role of an common villager who is anxious to escape and leave his mark on the land of careworn.

Want to be a rescue savage or evil bandit who likes to kill. You might become whatsoever in this game. The approach of this game seems free and clear. The experience in this game is limited to search locations and maps that suit the level of the hero.

Battleheart Mod APK

Name Battleheart
Size 66.32 MB
Category Role-playing game
Latest version 1.6

About Battleheart Mod APK

There is an fundamental classical for the Android platform, which we think you may need obviously try if you enjoy action, adventure and Role-playing games. Your goal is to get to the next level by eliminating all the enemies that come in your part characters that you have with the characters you have. As a result of the financial difficulties and general difficulties encountered in Battleheart, we offer Mod APK, specifically unlimited amount of fraud.

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So you can buy the goods you want and rent all the fictitious character. Large number of challenging missions, various equipment, powerful enemies and much more await you. The graphics are 2D and the sound quality is good. Control can be presented with double fingers. In the ButtleHeart Play Store, the Mobile Play Store has been downloaded more than 200 times since its new installation.

Main Features of Battleheart

Advanced and powerful fighters

In the ButtleHeart app, you can buy more modern and powerful fighters and update the currently ones. If you are a fan of Role-playing game vs. ButtleHeart then this is the option. Good for you.

Ordinary graphic 

The game is really curious, it has a simple graphic design that emphasizes the dynamic gameplay process and has a great packing character layout.

Play a part in exciting fighting

With this game, you can take part in exciting battles and battlefields and collect game equipment in a variety of sports equipment.

Have a lot of fun

It justify your attention and will provide a lot of fun in BattleHeart players, gestures, God mode. The Hack House BattleHeart gives you unlimited gold and many other useful things.

Warfare skills 

This game is different from others because it has a lot of character classes. There are ten in the game, each of them useful combat expertise and magic in battle. And hundreds of game items that help make your right hand more powerful.

Exciting and be superior

The game will be very interesting and high because it has different features to suit the skills. You can choose and manage any of the 12 available classes.

Crazy Mode feature

Furthermore, in this game, you may find the crazy mode feature. This is a feature if a character attacks someone, starting with the Non-player character, city guards, trainers. This aspect is actually shown to you if you want to perform as a bad character, but the effect will be that where Non-player character are killed, they will disappear so you can then grind your activities and Are limited to installation.

How to download Battleheart?

  • Extract the “zip” text (game data) file using Winrar software or you can use Zarchiver Pro application if you are using Android.
  • Press download button and now install “Battleheart“.
  • Click the Battleheart and begin the installation process.
  • Move Game Obb to Internal / Android / Opaque binary blob / here
  • Enjoy it.


Enter this amazing mobile game sequel, RPG, give your opinion to know that real-time monster guerrilla warfare will keep you in control of the hero and the annoying gang. With each victory, you will face more and more risk and will offer a huge collection of strong tools and skills items and abilities of more heroes and powers.

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