Download Cooking Diary Mod APK For Android Updated

Cooking games are all over the place. Lots of people love food and cooking. That’s why there are so many movies, shows and even games dedicated to the style of cooking. If you like to cook, you will love this game. Cooking Diary Mod APK is a cooking simulation game designed by MYTONA with about 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store.

In this game, you will become the chef of your own restaurant. You will take your grandfather’s place where you will become the head chef and try to save the restaurant. Your will be in charge of preparing the dishes as per the customer orders. But other than that, there are so many things to do in this amazing game. Read on to learn more.

Cooking Diary Mod APK

Name Cooking Diary
Size 39.4 MB
Category Simulation Game
Latest version 1.35.0


In the Cooking diary, you have a person who has strong passion for cooking. Descendants of your ancestors created a famous restaurant called Tasty Hills. One day, your grandfather came and asked you to be the administrator of this cooking empire. Not only does this improve your cooking, but your restaurant also needs to find a way to counter the scams of your competitors.

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With a determination to restore the ancestral empire and a love of cooking, you will create a restaurant that serves the best food and drink. To do this, you need to satisfy the most demanding customers in your restaurant, including critics and popular newspapers.

You’ll need to cook hundreds of different dishes and recipes, open dozens of restaurants and surprise a lot of people. You can even make friends with all kinds of different pets. Finally, take part in various cooking tournaments so that your name is known all over the world.

Major Functions of Cooking Diary

Cook the best

Obviously, with the help of cooking diary, players will be able to cook. Players will run a shop that sells man-made food. This means that everything that can be cooked in your kitchen is offered by you. As a result, the users you visit will be more diverse.

Different Levels

The more you reach the level, the more you need to know the tricks. Hundreds of delicious game tricks are always tested for you whenever a user requests you. In addition, there will be an updated patch in a few weeks to renew the players experience. Thanks to this, new recipes will be updated regularly. The more you play, the more new content you will enjoy.

Build Your own Restaurant

With the ultimate cooking skills and the title of the best chef in the Tasty hills, you will be able to create a great restaurant like never before. Make delicious food and make all the guests happy. If your foods win over customers, they will turn back. In addition, overcoming bad food critics is an important part of the restaurant. So ever cook with a much love for food.

Expand Food Supply Chain

This store is the last asset your grandfather gave you. The old glory is gone. However, with the appearance of this girl, things changed significantly. The family business is growing and expanding rapidly. You also need to consider expanding your existing property.

Also, once you have saved enough money, you can open more stores. They will be one of the best investments you can make to become rich. Each store should follow a different theme to make your food more interesting.

Decorate your Restaurant

you should decorate your store as much as possible. This is a very crucial factor moving your success. Your store is so beautiful, people come here to enjoy the food. In addition, the impression of the store reflects its class.

When customers arrive, sales will increase, and you can increase the price of products and sell more expensive dishes. Decorations vary from useful items such as furniture, wall paint, to item paints, plants, curtains to enhance aesthetics; items will look great for your store in the future.

Upgrade cooking things

Achieving higher levels in the game will bring you more complex tricks. These utensils will be sold at a higher price and your sales will increase tremendously. However, these dishes also have their limitations.

To cook them first, you need to prepare more ingredients at a higher level. It will cost a lot of money to store them in the store. In addition, these dishes require more sophisticated cooking utensils that make exactly what the customer needs.

Store More ingredients

you need a best refrigerator to store additional ingredients. Oven big and hot enough to prepare relevant dishes. A mixture that is powerful enough to crush the ingredients before you cook, a lot of beautiful things that you need to prepare for your future life. The more your store grows, the harder it will be for you.

Cooking Diary Mod APK

How to Download Cooking Diary Mod APK?

  • Start Downloading Cooking Diary Mod APK for your system.
  • Turn on unknown sources when you come the settings section.
  • Once that download is complete, click the Install button on the screen to install the game.
  • Wait for the install action to complete.
  • Enjoy it.

Final Words

With unique and bright graphics, an interesting story, Cooking Diary will take you to experience the world of your food. Where you can unleash your creativity, prepare delicious food to your liking and hear your story. Trust me, it will be a great experience.

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