Download Epic Conquest Mod APK For Android Updated

An action role playing game developed by Gaco Games in which players can nominate between two various fictitious characters: a knight and a sorcerer. Epic Conquest Mod APK Free aims to stop the evil attack on the state through the space portal. This is a very traditional game: we can move our hero using the virtual bar on the left side of the screen.

And using the action buttons on the right, we can attack, escape and use special abilities. And downloading this epic Conquest game Mod APK file for free is not “auto battle”. We will be the leading heroes of all battles.

Epic Conquest Mod APK

Name Epic Conquest
Size 133 MB
Category Role playing Game
Latest version 5.8e

Epic Conquest Mod APK

With the Epic Conquest Mod APK game, we will enter into a very fascinating product for RPG (Role playing game) lovers. We embark on an adventure with one of 2 available characters and make our way online into the world of PvP (Player Versus Player) gaming. With the help of the skill system, it is possible that you want to beat your craftsmen. Go hunting with extremely powerful weapons and armor in the inventory.

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That way, you’ll have a chance to drop both levels and money and other items. You can accelerate your character’s development by developing a story style. You can download the game with unlimited money and gold fraud and start playing right away.

Strong Points of Epic Conquest

Extraordinary Hack Action

  • Extreme and strategic warfare. Learn to deal with bosses and explore the possibility of attack.
  • Effortless control system! There is no automatic mode. You are in complete control.
  • More than 30 levels of difficulty! Overcome great difficulties to get even more rewards.

 A Free Assemble

  • Character – Distribute classic attributes to match your play style.
  • A bonus system that lets you uniquely improve your team.
  • Embellish the jewelry with more bonuses and personalizing.

Wonderful story

  • Visual novel style dialogue with appearance and characters.
  • Wonderful illustrations that you can find across the story.
  • Play to determine the epic ending.

Specific Skills and Advantages

  • Each character has class facilities to differentiate the play style.
  • Raise character levels to unlock 4 skills and 4 techniques.
  • System Features: Distribute skill points to match your construction.

Classic blacksmith and equipment system

  • Kill the enemy master to get the materials and make the best equipment.
  • Upgrade your team from Common to exceptional and Epic. Maximize their ability.
  • Evaluate your team to find the best bonuses you can get.
  • Insert your own gear to make jewels more powerful.

Variety of Outfits to

  • Collect purchased outfits to reshape your beloved character and earn power bonuses.

Progress Achieved

  • Complete the game and get all 27 available feats.
  • Equalize your Games account.

Other great features

  • Overwhelming old school graphics.
  • Very light. It can be run on older devices.
  • It does not consume much energy. Fully battery friendly.

Save to the Cloud

  • You can save and load between devices. Never lose sight of your progress.

How to download the Epic Conquest?

  • First you need to download a Mod APK files.
  • Install the Mod APK file on your Smartphone or tablet and install it (if you are on a mobile phone, just install the Mod APK)
  • Launch the Epic Conquest.
  • Enjoy it.


Epic Conquest is an exciting and light adventure for Android phones. Choose a sword or a young wizard among the warriors and face the adventures in the kingdom of choice but full of enemies to defeat. With typical 3D visuals that don’t warm up your Smartphone while playing, Epic Victory is about equipping your character and combating dangerous and enemy-filled missions.

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