Download ePSXe APK For Android [Ultimate Features]

Are you concerned about the operation of the controls? ePSXe APK  for Android gives you many options: high-accuracy almost complete touch controls and the possibility to map buttons on keyboards / game controller, analog sticks, and buttons on all types of controllers with surface Bluetooth or controllers.

This is an imitator where you can play your present game on PC. With an emulator that won’t look like a pacify experience. You can proceed your game everywhere you want and leave whenever you want. Additionally, with its vibration and parallel control support. It provides an opportunity to experience the joys of console. You can modify the graphics and sound settings according to your hardware.


Name ePSXe
Size 10.5 MB
Category Free Arcade
Version Updated
Price Free


ePSXe APK is the name of one of the finest play station one emulator for android download, That provide you to play all games on play station very easily, it has features like save games in real time. Or have features like save in general. In case you had a memory card.

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It also lets you resize buttons on the screen, show and hide your selected buttons. What’s very useful about this is that you have to show the “frame rate per second” to run this game. You can create it.

Another great feature is that you can attach a Bluetooth controller which is designed with an further program, and thus you can silently play with your PS3 controller, for example, a lot of features, who just make it the best.

Why ePSXE APK is a Good Program Application?

  • Epsxe Emulator is one of the best apps. The developers have given it the ability to:
  • Include the old ones developed for the play Station One Epsxe application that recognizes an image of the game.
  • Make sure stable start and operation of sports.
  • Connect extra plugging;
  • Attach further controllers;
  • Work with former games on CD-ROM;
  • Offers high quality images;

Features of ePSXe APK

Sound quality and latency of ePSXe APK

ePSXe APK gives a highly reliable audio engine that sustains all PSX audio effects (volume, casing, noise, frequency editing, interruption  and all sound modes. controlled by on the speed of the device, you can select full audio impacts or disable some audio effects to improve emulation speed.

Technical Explanations

The system conditions for this program are quite easy. This program will work well on weak devices like Android 2.2, which can be considered a benefit.

Manage and Input Modes

This APK supports as many as 4 players in games that assist multipot.That is possibly to control the game using the touch screen, hardware key pad, or external gamepad.

Controls touch screen ePSXe APK

ePSXe offers numerous touch screen skins that support “online” and “analog” controls. You can switch between digital and analog when selecting twice as much shock mode using the switch mode button. The skin can also been invisible for playing with external hardware keys or gamepads.

ePSXe fraud Codes

This endorses game shark cheat codes. You can download a list of cheat codes and copy that to your device in the format described in the Configuration section, or you can use the Download Cheat Codes choice in the game to gain fraud codes. Will have access to a large file of Cheat codes

How to cheat with ePSXe APK?

  • Run the emulator you want start the game.
  • Press the Options button on your phone and then click the “Fraud Code” option.
  • Downloaded epsxe cheat has systematically to your phone.
  • Internet Required.

How to install ePSXe APK?

  • Enable “Unknown Sources” for the download process
  • At the top, you find it. Enter ePSXe APK.
  • Follow Google Play’s instructions to install it.
  • After that, Download ePSXe APK on our site.
  • Install Epsxe to complete.
  • First open this so that the folder appears in the internal memory.
  • Enjoy now!


ePSXe APK is a famous emulator. This particular PlayStation One emulator has a quite simple interface. Nonetheless, you don’t have to worry about how it looks, as this emulator even now provides full features. This is a great emulator for Android, where you can imitate PlayStation games, now you can play your great games in the palm of your hand.

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