Download Grow Castle Mod APK For Android Updated

This is something that tower defense game fans will really enjoy. Tower defense games have been around since the beginning of mobile gaming. who are addictive and easy to play with. They don’t need next-generation graphics or smart controls. They have to be really fun and unique just for a lot of people to enjoy. Grow Castle Mod APK through Raon Games is a tower defense game that fixes everything.

In fact, it has over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store. But for some, the numbers aren’t enough. No worries, there is more to this game than just the name.

 Grow Castle Mod APK

Name Grow Castle
Size 41.0 MB
Category Arcade Game
Latest version 1.32.8

Casual Overview

Grow Castle is an early story about the attack of a group of monsters. Your kingdom is the next chosen goal. The catastrophe is imminent, but fortunately, you have been warned about it. However, the state forces were weak enough, so most of the bases were taken. Now, the last resting place is the palace. You will confront your enemies one last time and forever.

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You must first upgrade your castle. With a solid shape, the fortress will stand firm before a general attack by the enemy. Next, you need to prefer an elite army with many different positions. The order of the troops is also very important, the right management helps you to get through the battle.

Defensive games like Grow Castle are always different. Whether you win fast or slow, it’s up to you. Become a talented military commander with a broad vision to thwart the plans of all enemies.

Essential Points of Grow Castle

Grow Castle Units

In this game, your unit is your offensive piece. You can’t protect your tower without them so it’s important to understand how they work. In this game, you can use up till 120 units. Each unit is separate and has its own statistics that you need to be aware of.

For example, magicians can freeze enemies while magicians create storms with thunder. There are also stone throwers who can smash enemies and throw large stones. Each of these units has its own strengths and weaknesses, which is why you need to base them strategically.

Build Defense line

The game’s defense is very simple, with three main areas: the front, the wall, and the rear. Each area is suitable for a particular type of defense, but is also used to build battlefield gates or towers with Special Forces. The rear will gather archers, providing constant support to the front line with countless arrows.

The wall is for the hero, with great power, and can help the army of large areas. And players will be helped by an upgraded system, which will increase the defense permanently. Will, and the player will face more enemies.

Secure your Castle

Like other defensive games, your only job is to make sure your tower stands after every wave of enemy attacks. On the first wave, everything looked very simple. This system gives some instructions on how to add units and make the game work. Enemies continually came from the right side of the screen and destroyed everything along the way. You will destroy them until the time of this wave is over.


If there is a winner, the next wave will be opened with more enemies. This means that the difficulty is slowly increasing. The longer the defense, the greater the monster’s strength, including speed and power. Therefore, you also need to be stronger to adapt. Upgrading the main tower, recruiting new units, and building sub-towers are some of the ways you can think of.

Players receive money each time they defeat monsters, and they can use them to upgrade wall archers, squads and heroes. Each upgrade function opens up new things, and players can improve the quantity and quality of each unit to a new level. The upgrade system also affects the general skill of the army.

Use various skills

While defending, players must know the right time to face giant or powerful enemies. Players can use many of the many active functions for combat, such as spawning spells, skill use, and pointing goals.

Even minions will disappear automatically after a while. Each function has its own characteristics, and they are influenced by many elements of the game, such as upgrade systems and heroes.

Fight with Bosses

Each of the 5 challenges will feature boss class creatures in the player’s journey. They have a very strong power and defense and constantly give birth to small monsters. Players will be able to use the Advance Function, a form of minion control, to attack bases and owners.

However, the ability will not be activated as the game will limit the area of ​​use, and the boss is always out of range. Therefore, the player must improve the power of the mannequins to get out of the way of any enemy.


Grow Castle is not only good in the gameplay, but also the graphics. The characters have no faces but only shapes. But that doesn’t mean it’s the design team’s inattention to the game. They focus more attention to the effects of explosions or magic in attacks. Overall, they are appealing and yet you find them interesting.

Grow Castle Mod APK

How to Download Grow Castle Mod APK?

  • Download Mod APK file.
  • You must authorize them. Go to the menu, then check Settings, then Security, and finally enable. (Unknown source).
  • Start Downloading Grow Castle Mod APK for your system.
  • Once download is complete, click the Install button on the screen to install the game.
  • Wait for the install action to complete.
  • Enjoy it.

Final Words

Grow Castle is considered one of the most fun games, and it’s an excellent combination of many elements for players to enjoy. If you want to challenge your defensive tactics, this game will be a new experience. It also gives you a lot of surprises in the upgrade and defense processes, making sure you always have the toughest battles with this game.

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