Download GTA Voice City Mod APK+OBB For Android

GTA Voice City Mod APK: In this technological era, almost everyone have a smartphone device. They have a large number of Android users and that is why there are thousands of games and apps available for them. Most app developers try to create apps and games first for Android and then for other mobile IOS devices. If you’re using an Android device, you might also be interested in playing games on it.

Well, there are a lot of good games available for Android and new games are being released every day. Some time ago, people used to play games on PC because it was the first available platform for good games. Almost the same PC games are now available on mobile, so you don’t have to worry about similarity.

GTA Voice city Mod APK

Voice City for Android produced the first entry, developed and released by Rockstar Games, and was the fourth entry in the GTA series overall. The first three installments were presented by DMA Design. Featuring a third-person perspective, the game has an open world shape like the rest of its entries. The game was acclaimed and was well-received by many famous gaming communities around the world.

The game has been installed on the Google Play Store to date with over 1,000,000+, which has become world famous. It was reviewed a major improvement over its previous three installments. It was a 2002 PS2 high-profile game on Metacritic. Soon, it also had the honor of becoming one of the best-selling sports ever. More than 18 years have passed and it still manages to refresh our childhood memories.

Name GTA Voice city
Size 7.71 MB
Category Arcade Game
Latest version 1.09

Game play

Tommy Verceti is the main character in GTA Vice City Mod APK. He, along with Kane, entered into an unrealistic drug deal after being released from prison for 15 years. The agreement was reached in Miami, Florida. However, things move south and the whole deal gets lost by some unknown assailants. They steal all the money and drugs.

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This game follows you as you work with local criminal bosses to get revenge on the people who cross you, and then when you slowly build your own criminal empire. Look for revenge on your former bosses, who will not be happy when they realize you are doing your thing in the suburbs. Compete in this amazing 1980s adventure of neon lights, guns, drugs, and glamor on the shores of Sunshine State and conquer the world.

The game uses a high degree of 3D visual freedom, the city scene is like a resort, people’s clothes and cars explode in the retro atmosphere of the 1980s, while the background music game also pops. Styled, more than 80 of the 90’s classic songs feature different scenery, giving players a deeper feel to the game.

GTA Vice City Mod APK

The game also follows the GTA series while boasting a free mode, players can step by step on the basis of important tasks to improve their reputation and influence, and there is no hard line in this game, you can take a step.

Step by step, you can fully implement the basic principle of “bad boys”. – Catch a good car crowd, and even choose to burn bank vandalism. It can be said that it inherited the original realistic, GTA series milestone-worthy former, all the benefits of super-independence degrees.

Life should also be too strong that 2 or 4 bullets do not end the character and those who finalized the mission with such hard work will not lose their hard work, then the mods version is the solution for all of them. Mods can be fraudulent or customized. A complete list that opens on mobile. From this list, character life, free cars, free guns, are easily obtained. Its use is also unlimited.

GTA Voice city Mod APK

Key Features

Precise Targets

The purpose of the weapons has also been developed. Now, your character has much better control of his weapons with less hesitation.

Individualize your controls

If you feel a little out of place, you have the option to customize the controls in the game. Regulate the controls and set them to your liking. furthermore, the controls are very smoothly to use in this Android version of GTA: Vice City.

Various exciting missions

finish these missions at GTA is our top priority: Vice City Mod APK. Without eliminating them properly, we can’t get to the next mission of the game. Your movement will begin with easy missions and difficulty levels and their duration. In addition, there are many exciting missions in the game. You can also complete these missions and earn serious money based on them.

Many Languages

English, Italian, German, French, Russian, Korean, Spanish, and many more languages ​​are offered in the GTA: Voice City Mod APK to further enhance your gaming experience. Just choose the language of your choice and enjoy the game.

Bugs Fixed

All bugs have been eliminated from GTA Voice City. It will run very easily on your Android device. In addition, there is no risk of viruses or malware. Your device is completely safe to use.


Voices are also very important in GTA and increase the interest in playing the real sound of everything.


This version will be extremely useful for those who like to play with their friends as it is also a multiplayer version.

Do taxi missions

If you want to make money without being shot, steal a taxi and start doing taxi bonus missions. It will be a great help if you find a passenger there quickly and in a lot of collisions. Making a little extra cash is a foolproof way.

Wear body armor

You can find physical coaches at various locations on the map, or you can buy them at general stores. This will help you to do a lot of damage without dying, so it is definitely worthwhile to physically invest in some armor at the beginning of the game and refill it whenever it runs out.

GTA Voice city Mod APK

How to download?

You have landed on the net website after a lot of research in return for which you will get the original Mod APK. But to get the Mod APK, it is necessary to download it, then get the Mod APK by clicking on the download button and visit the website for more games. And enjoy it to the action-packed after downloading.

How to install?              

After downloading, it is important to cover the installation process, as you cannot use any application without installing it, so you must first download it and then install it. If you have already downloaded the setup but want to know how to install it, first you have to turn on the unknown sources option from the settings, then after extracting the downloaded file, copy the next OBB file and the android folder Go to and paste it in the OBB folder there. Install the GTA game and enjoy it.


GTA Voice City is one of the world’s most popular games. As it was very popular, it was also released for mobile. It’s easier to walk on a mobile than on a computer when you’re in the mood. We try not to make it difficult for you to download and install.

This means that you are still getting the original features with some additional modified components. And you don’t have to spend a penny to snatch all these things. Now, just don’t wait people. Go and quickly download the Mod APK file.

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