Download Happy Glass Mod APK For Android Updated

Happy Glass Mod APK- This is a very fascinating mystery game, in that the essence of the game is that you demand to fulfill a glass of water. But it’s not that easy. This is a puzzle game that has formed well-liked game that will take you to the love balls and raffle. All you have to do now is fill your glass with water using your creativity and pencil. Your goal is to make a series of lines, making sure that the tap water reaching inside the glass.

This is a very simple and exciting puzzle for people. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. With every level it will get more complex, you will need to draw lines so that it gets away from different things and falling into the glass.

Happy Glass Mod APK

Name Happy Glass
Size 64 MB
Category Puzzle Game
Latest version 1.0.57

Happy Glass Mod APK

Happy Glass is one of the leading puzzle games on the Android platform. Your objective in the game is to draw paths in parts. You are with your pen that you manage and try to get the water to the glass. The less you use the pen, the more stars you will complete the level. Due to the financial difficulties and general difficulties faced by Happy Glass.

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In other words, endless money is counterfeit, so you can get as many points as you want and easily eliminate difficult parts. Dozens of chapters await you, glasses that must reach the water, hurdles and much more await you. The game’s 3D graphics, natural controls, and level-headed sound effects help us have a good time during the game. Controls are presented with two fingers. It has been downloaded over and above 500,000 times in its Play Store.

Features of Happy Glass Mod APK

Game Target: Be ready to use your intellect in this fun puzzle where you have to lead a quantity of water in a glass that you have to fill to pass through the surface.

Basic Gameplay: Its gameplay is so easy that it is suitable for audiences of any age. Levels with a highest degree of difficulty are regularly being added.

Addictive game: Happy Glass is a highly addiction game that convey the whole family together. Take it anywhere on your mobile device, fill this little glass with water, and keep smiling.

Fun and Energetic: Its mechanics are highly entertaining and dynamic, with a pleasing and intuitive interface. It enables you to buy some elements so that you can make both water and glass and pencil automatically.

Aggressive Game: Compete with your friends and family to find out who can pass the maximum level. The game offers you a lot of options to fill the glass, you just have to be imaginative and choose the one that allows you to spend less ink and you can fill the glass to the level pointed out by it.

How to Download Happy Glass Mod APK?

  • Log in with your default Google Play account or Gmail.
  • Press download button and now install the Game.
  • Click the Happy Glass app and begin the installation process.
  • Set up the app and start using Happy Glass.
  • Enjoy using the Happy Glass.


We suggested it because it is a wonderful puzzle game that will help you use your intelligence. We have to fill up our empty glass over water. We use the lines we will draw for it, but we face all sorts of impediment and difficulties. So enjoy the exciting Happy Glass.

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