Download Indian Train Simulator Mod APK For Android

Indian Train Simulator Mod APK: A great simulator train driver for Android. This time the main character of the game will be able to go to the world’s largest country – India. This is where rolling stock drivers are needed. During the journey, the player will be engaged in transporting both passengers and various goods.

In the end, he will appreciate the beauty of the game’s scenes and experience the amazing train control experience. All of this will be accomplished with great graphics, changing weather and time of day, as well as a variety of cameras. Together they will be able to give a lot of benefits to this game that will appeal to all players.

Game published by Highbrow Interactive – Developer of popular games such as Reload Crossing, Euro Train Simulator and Indonesian Train Simulator If you have tried any of these games, you will definitely enjoy this game which I will present below.

Indian train simulator Mod APK

Name Indian Train Simulator
Size 136 MB
Category Simulation Game
Latest version 2020.4.11

Main Facts

The Indian Train Simulator Game gets you to the Indian train system. The gamer takes a chance to be a part of the journey he travels in operating the train. This game will make the players to run both passenger and cargo trains. The game has a extensive collection of specially developed trains. As the game progresses, they are unlocked by the gamer.

The gamer completes various tasks. As a result of, they go up the ladder to the top. The game has a variety of gaming modes that will take the gamer to the limit and not let him get bored with the gameplay. If you want to complete this journey quickly then you can try this interesting game.

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The game offers a self-sufficient railway environment in which all employees train and work in the real world. The dynamic lane change and sophisticated route selection system allows all AI trains to run intelligently without having to divert each other. Now, if you want to have full confidence in signaling and toggle switches, the routes they take will come from a side-by-side setup.

These vehicles are available at every station. Don’t forget about shipping, which allows you to earn a reasonable amount of money. With multiple amplifiers and upgrades, the virtual currency should be spent wisely.

Primary Functions of Indian Train Simulator

Easy controls

The controls of the game are very simple. Each day, you will manage the train and stop at the stations. After the end, you will receive a bonus and unlock another level. The developer has very honestly copied the cockpit, which is full of train control. Of course, you will do the same, start the engine, turn on the headlights, turn on the turn signal, turn on the wiper, and press the horn and brake.

Station Design

You can feel every moment like you are doing in reality; the design of the stations is very good.

Signal System

The game features a fully functional signaling system. Players of this game can see other trains that are currently on their way in this game, meanwhile the signal is red. In addition, the messaging system is meant to inform the user about every activity that takes place within the game, including information about bonuses and penalties. Offer suggestions when needed.

Categories are station, speed, route, track switch, signal the messaging system is meant to inform the user about every activity that takes place within the game, including information about bonuses and penalties. Offer suggestions when needed. Categories are station, speed, route, track switch, signal.

Indian train simulator Mod APK

Travel 32 Places

The game will introduce players from 32 locations connected by trains, each of which has been developed with complete honesty, which will replicate the whole of India in the game. Players will have the opportunity to explore famous places in India and enjoy the work of a train driver in a wide world.

Manage Train Stations

At the station, players will receive orders and, among other things, hire other train drivers to terminate the contract. Of course, each station can be upgraded unconditionally, which increases the overall revenue of the customers, while at the same time attracting more and more customers to use the railways.

As players upgrade the stations to a higher level, the scenery, appearance and atmosphere gradually change, causing more turmoil over time.

Dozens of Locomotives

Players can collect more than 18 different types of engines for each of their stations, and these Locomotives will have different performance depending on the level. Each engine has its own features, such as shape, upgrade system, and liver.

Players can customize them, reshape them, upgrade them, and add a new layer of liver to their engines. In this game, the engines are everything, and players do not have to worry about other trailers, whether they are users or cargo trailers.

Realistic Graphics

The scenes are also very carefully designed. You can feel it when you switch angles from inside to outside the cockpit, from the top or from the back. Overall, India is beautiful. And the Indian Train Simulator will give you a tourist itinerary, traversing hills, residential areas and beautiful swans.

Satisfy Passengers

After the trip, the system will collect response from users. You can see the percentage who are satisfied, dissatisfied, or even angry. Of course, these feedbacks are important. They will instantly affect the rewards and bonuses you gain after your trip. Tips to satisfy your customers are to obey traffic rules, drive at the permissible speed, use the signal system to drive information safely.

Indian train simulator Mod APK

How to Download?

  • Download Mod APK file.
  • Turn on unknown sources when you open the settings section.
  • Start Downloading Indian train simulator Mod APK for your system.
  • After download is complete, click the Install button on the screen to install the game.
  • Wait for the install action to complete.
  • Enjoy it.

Last Words

Indian Train Simulator is a train simulation game for fans of Indian trains. The game has a developer like “Euro Train Simulator” so its structure is the same, but the world of both is developed, which makes an impression on the player. If you are a fan of trains, you can have a superb experience if you get into this game.

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