Download Kick The Buddy Mod APK For Android & IOS

Need to release some tension? Kick The Buddy Mod APK now to vent your anger on cheap dolls! Buddy is a poor rag doll that you are torturing to some extent so that you don’t throw your keyboard on your screen at work.

Use guns, beasts, dinosaurs, nuclear weapons, weapons of mass destruction, knives and much more to attack a friend and see if you can’t stop this rudeness! Buddy doesn’t mind, he doesn’t feel pain. practically, we are not in the business of caring much about it, however, it is a standard of technology.

Kick The Buddy Mod APK

Name Kick The Buddy
Size 95.6 MB
Category Action Game
Latest version v1.0.6

Kick The Buddy Mod APK

Kick the Buddy is a weird but interesting game where we will make money by beating our little friend with a duffel bags. In the game, we make money by beating and damaging a character named Buddy. With the money we earn, we can buy more powerful and efficient weapons.

For example, we can start with small arms such as the Beretta. And as we progress in the game, we can also fire missiles at our friend, Buddy.

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The more we hurt our friends in the game, the more money we make. The most damaging way is with more powerful weapons. In short, the game repeats itself a bit. However, you can play this game as long as you want to get rid of your nerves and stress. We are already sharing the Money Fraud Mod APK file so you don’t have to deal with the money business.

Main Duties of Kick The Buddy

Simple mechanics

Kick Buddy goal is simple and allows you to play fast and fun without having to worry about completing levels or setting new records. Just take your frustration out of Buddy and he’ll move on.

Take your best shot

Although very serious, Kick Buddy is a harmless mobile game that serves as the pressure ball of this generation. One thing and place buddy only goal is to beat your anger or frustration, but unlike the app’s name, you can do more than just kick. Choose from a variety of different weapons and tormentors to throw at Buddy. And he will take it before you accept it so you can come back.

Get dinosaurs

You can make dinosaur cutting ropes wrapped around Buddy neck and strangle him. You can also try to drop a pack of wild animals on a buddy, or a group of angry flutter. In fact, there are many ways to love a friendly forest. You will like it.

Hit Him with Bat

You could say that punishing Buddy is one of the best ways to deal with stress. Taking a baseball bat and banging Buddy head with it will give you happy moments that are so delicate that they are like a light cloud melting in the snow. The comfort of breaking a buddy head when you think he’s actually a person you don’t like will make you sleep soundly at bedtime.

Relieve stress with Kick Buddy

Kick Buddy is a mobile game that helps you relieve unconventional stress. Choose between weapons and gadget weapons to kill Buddy and he will respond when you do. Like the digital version of Stress Ball, Buddy works as an object for your aggression to focus on it without actually harming it.

Kick The Buddy Mod APK

How to download Kick the Buddy?

  • First, you need to download the Mod APK files.
  • Running Create and install the app file on your smartphone or tablet (if you’re on a mobile phone, just install the Mod APK).
  • Launch the Kick the Buddy.
  • Enjoy it.


In Kick the Buddy, we can defeat our friends not only with weapons but also with all the tools and items in the world. However, all the weapons, tools and items in the game can only be unlocked with money. While it’s easy to make money in the game, opening something new is expensive.

You will be able to defeat Buddy as many times as you want by buying all the weapons, tools and items in the game. We wish you good game advance!

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