Download Last Day on Earth Survival Mod APK For Android

Last Day on Earth Survival Mod APK is an exciting online game on Android, in which you will find yourself in scorched deserted areas, where zombies and chaos reign. Create your own usable base, improve it as you progress, add a lot of nets. Get valuable resources, with which you can create new items, find equipment and weapons.

And if you get angry on the last day in Mod apk, call your friends, go to the place of difficult opponents, make your way to the bunkers and much more.

A deadly epidemic has turned the area into a dead zone. In this pre-apocalyptic world surrounded by the living dead and zombies, you can only trust yourself. As the name suggests, the game was set in 2027 when the world faces a terrible epidemic that could destroy all of humanity. Most people on earth have turned into bloodthirsty creatures. They are called zombies.

Last Day on Earth: Survival Mod APK

Name Last Day on Earth Survival
Size 334 MB
Category Action Game
Latest version 1.17.9

Fundamental Facts

Last Day on Earth: Survival is a pure survival game in mobile. Your job in the game is to keep your character’s body in the best condition. To do this, you need to maintain the character’s food and water statistics. You must not forget to protect yourself from zombie attacks or even illegal visits to steal your resources. You can’t trust anyone but your dog.

Zombies and other players can kill you and take away all the resources and buildings you have accumulated. In some cases, after your death, you may be able to locate and recover lost items that were struck before you. If you die in red, yellow or green areas, you will not be able to recover or find the missing.

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When you start playing, you have nothing. So the first thing you need to do is collect everything on the ground, be it stone, wood or grass. Activating the Auto button in the left corner will speed up your role instead of manually clicking on the button.

You can gets even more resources by killing zombies or performing missions. When you gather the necessary items, you should make hatches and packs. Here are two great tools to help you gather resources faster. They will help you cut wood and exploit rocks.

Overall Trend of Last day on Earth: Survival

Build your Base

Building and protecting bases is an important mission of the game. A powerful base will help you secure your resources and prevent attacks by zombies or other players. Therefore, you should build it as soon as possible. You can do this by clicking the build button at the bottom of the map.

To better support your base, you need to make more items such as garden beds (which allow you to make more food sources) or ranch (water collection). Be careful because if your character is killed, everything you have will be gone and you have to start from the beginning.

Be Wise to Survive

Fighting is necessary when you are always surrounded by zombies who are always ready to attack you and other players who are always waiting for the opportunity to take everything from you. To remain alive in the game, you need to prepare yourself with good weapons and perfect fighting powers. The spear is the main weapon in the game. It can help you kill zombies efficiently.

Unlock More Content

Last Day on Earth: Survival brings you a detailed level system, during which experience points increase as you collect items, kill zombies, or make something. The higher the level, the more items will unlock you and the more modern items you can create. At the highest level, in addition to destroying zombies, you need to do a lot of things and worry.

Team UP with Friends

Team building is my favorite point in this game. In the game, it will be more attractive when you play with your friends. You can invite friends or other players to build and protect your home. In addition to hunger, thirst, and zombies, you also face stiff competition from other players. They will always find ways to attack and rob your resources, so be careful before going to strange places.


The last day on Earth game comes with a high end graphics. The game offers perfect real-life graphics that increase interest in the game. If you like to play open world games, the last day is for you.

No Root

To download and install this game, you do not need to have any rooted android device. If you have a device running Android 4.1, you can easily download and install files and play the game easily.


Last Day on Earth: Survival is a complex game. Partly because of its gameplay, because the publisher will not give any guidelines during the game.

Why should you download this Mod APK?

As we have said, the first time is the most difficult time of the survival game because your character is in the weakest position due to lack of equipment. You could easily be killed by zombies or other players. You really need a strong stimulus for the game, Last Day Online: Survival Mod is a perfect choice for you.

This Mod provides you unlimited resources when you start playing. Resources for building and surviving you don’t have to worry about lack of resources.

Last Day on Earth: Survival Mod APK

How to Download?

  • Download Mod APK file.
  • Turn on unknown sources when you enter the settings section.
  • Start Downloading Last Day on Earth: Survival Mod APK for your system.
  • Once that download is complete, click the Install button on the screen to install the game.
  • Wait for the install action to complete.
  • Enjoy it.

Final Words

Last Day on Earth: Survival is an inspiring game that attracts players with beautiful lighting effects. With its vast environment and lots of interesting features, Last Day on Earth: Survival is the best survival game right now.

If they do not build a base and are not equipped with the best weapons for themselves in time, the players can be attacked at any time. The feeling of living in a zombie jungle with a dramatic sound has created an interesting feeling for anyone who is playing.

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