Download Mini World Block Art Mod APK For Android

Mini World Block Art Mod APK is a Sandbox 3D open world game prepared by MiniPlay INC. It has above 50 million downloads in the Google Play Store. In this game, you will find an amazing 3D open world full of adventures and journey. There are survival mode, creation mode and so many more game modes. Plus, you can play with your friends.

Sandbox games have become popular in recent years, many thanks to the success of games such as Minecraft and Garry’s Mod. These games cleared the way for more of these games to hit the market. Now, there are a ton of features that are unique in practice. If you are a supporter of these games then you will like that.

Mini World: Block Art Mod APK

Name Mini World Block Art
Size 94.7 MB
Category Adventure Game
Latest version 0.52.7

Mini World Block Art Mod aAPK

Mini World Block Art is a 3D free-to-play sandbox game about traveling, adventure, and creativity with your people. There are no limits, no restrictions, which we have completely destroyed and created. Simple play built-in multiplayer settings allow you to join anytime anywhere via PC and cell phone.

Build a house, a castle, a metropolis with your creativity or just enjoy your fantasy farm. You may even have trouble with the Darkish Dragon in the basement with your people.

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There are several types of monsters that show up at night and they will attack you, in order to be able to survive the first night when you have nothing, you should go to a cave for shelter. By morning, you can go out and collect excipients that make things interesting.

Don’t forget to light the torches at night because monsters are often seen when the sun goes down. Become a true maker, design great works, or you will be able to become a farmer and work on your farm.

Key Features

Survival Mods

In survival mode, you will need to gather resources, build tools and safe houses to survive. You will need to be self-sustained to survive as long as possible. You can also find fences and fighting monsters to win grand rewards.

Creation Mode

Players are provided with all the resources from the beginning. By put down or removing blocks, you can create floating castles, a mechanism that automatically pulls out crops, or a map that plays music. sky is the limit.


You can play Mini World Block Art as an offline player. Or you can play online multiplayer with your friends or random players from around the world. Connect with the players and try to survive together in this charming world.

Mini Games

In this game, you can even play tons of mini-games developed by tons of community players. Choose from featured mini-games and take part in various games like Paro, Puzzle, FPS, Strategy, Horror and much more. Here, you can play hundreds of games inside the game.

The endless game stages

Mini World Block Art has no level or limit. All the players have to do is build and destroy. In this game, you can build a house, an apartment, a palace and even a city. Also, you can explore the underworld and start the Black Dragon Challenge with your friends.


Mini World Block Art is designed with beautiful 3D graphics from square boxes. Although it sounds a bit like Minecraft, this game is more soft and beautiful. In addition, the character is also designed more beautiful and bright. The game offers a multi-player mode that enable you to connect via PC and phone.

Play with friends

Mini World: Block art, gamers can also play with friends to create a game room, take on challenges with new worlds. Players can use the maps available in the game or choose to download new maps by category. The interface will clearly show the score of each gameroom member.

Mini World: Block Art Mod APK

Mini World Block Art Mod APK Download

  • First download Mod APK file
  • To install Mini World Block Art Mod APK, you need to make sure that third-party apps are currently enabled as the installation source. Just go to Menu> Settings> Security> and check for unknown sources to allow your phone to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.
  • Find the File in the storage of the device.
  • Once you have placed the Mini World Block Art, click it and it will start the normal installation process.
  • Mini World Block Art is installed on your device.
  • Enjoy it.


Mini World Block Art is a great game for those who love Minecraft. However, the experience will bring new and exciting for the players. With the ability to connect platforms, players will enjoy multi-dimensional space, multi-user entertainment, dreaming. Millions of people have reviewed and developed the best results for this game.

On a scale of 10, Mini World Block Art deserves the most points. So install the game quickly so you can experience the fastest.

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