Download Network Spoofer APK For Android Updated

Network Spoofer APK is a usefulness for Android that lets you redirect traffic to a particular website, change image framework and edit search queries. Works best on open networks, but WPA / Wi-Fi Protected Access  can support secure networks. The application allows you to refocus all third party traffic to your mobile device and save the received data.

If you are intrested to know who is on your Wi-Fi and you want to frighten them. You must download the application. This allows you to send or block data to users connected to your Wi-Fi network. This app is easy to use and quite sharp.

Network Spoofer APK

Name Network Spoofer
Size 4 MB
Category Network Changer
Version Updated
Price Free

Network Spoofer APK

Using the Network Spoofer APK, you can handle other people’s devices and make changes to them. You can use your phone to make this operation on any device connected to the Wi-Fi network. That way, you just need to log in to the network spoofer with a Wi-Fi connection.

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In this case, your mobile device or Android device must be settled. Then select any fraud and press start button. This modern web spoofer has many commands. You need to open them. You can use configuration options to find out the device to attack.

This way, the other head can better understand what would happen if the device is hacked. But remember, it’s just for fun. Never use the app on any company or non-residential network. That way you can be deemed a serious hacker. When using this application, we need to make sure that it does not hurt anyone. We can use it to intimidate people who use our Wi-Fi network unreasonably or play with friends.

Network Spoofer APK Key Features

Many Options

If you have multiple connected devices, you do not need to worry, because you can choose your choice. Available “tricks” include changing the text on the screen, rotating images, modifying search results on the Internet, and customizing images on web pages to your liking.

Block all ads

You can block all ads from appearing on a website or you can make sure that when you try to find something online.

Complete unknowingly 

The application unknowingly works perfectly, so the other person will not realize that they are joking. Also, they will be surprised to know what happens on their computer or phone.

Entertainment at the expense of the others

For those who are fed up with strangers stealing unsecured Wi-Fi networks, or wanting to have fun at the expense of others, Digital Squad has created a network spoofer app that lets you use any Wi-Fi network. Make fun of everyone connected to the network.

The app can replace photos

Users of the app can change, fade or reverse images, send the browser to specific links and videos, and change Google search. And all this using an Android device (requires root access). Of course, in order to put your plan into action, you need to be connected to the network you are a victim of.

The app does exactly that

The app gives you what you expect. It works in one click and follows your orders moderately quickly. Some commands (e.g., image change) can be quite annoying when it comes to complex sites, but the user of the application barely cares about the user experience of the victim.

Network Spoofer is everything

Anyway, Network spoofer is a fun app that lets the user laugh. Digital Squad is certainly not responsible for the outcome of using this app. But if you’re out of your mind about the fun of April Fool’s Day, the Network spoofer is a great option.


Another drawback is that the application is very powerful. After only one hour of using the app, the battery power decreases. For such an innovative application, charging period is not a vital requirement.

How to install Network Spoofer APK?

  • Open the saved APK file and continue.
  • Open the downloaded file. If this is your first time, a warning pop-up message will appear.
  • Click Settings.
  • You should now enable the installation of the Network Spoofer apk from this source.
  • Press open button.
  • Open the file again.
  • Click the Install button.


If you would like to know who is in your Wi-Fi and you want to shock them, you should definitely download the Network Spoofer APK. This allows you to send or block data to users connected to your Wi-Fi network. This is an amazing entertainment app and very easy to use.

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