Download Pro Series Drag Racing Mod APK For Android

Pro Series Drag Racing Mod APK: Quality racing games are invited to participate in these racing competition in stronger cars with outstanding graphics and sound effects. Here you can find a collection of high speed machines, especially for this type of racing. Has been prepared.

The game was designed by Battle Creek Games Games – the same company that created the Offroad Outlaws game. It is one of the most popular and highest-earning car games in the play store with over 5 million positive feedback.

Pro Series Drag Racing Mod APK

You need time to beat an opponent on the road, start acceleration, shift gears and use nitro acceleration. The money earned can also be used to improve the performance and appearance of the machine.

Name Pro Series Drag Racing
Size 89.3 MB
Category Racing Game
Latest version 2.20

Pro Series Drag Racing Mod APK

Pro Series drag racing has a simple gameplay. You will play as a sophisticated racing driver. You will play each stage with the original model of the car and each series will have a style difference, sound, texture, speed and engine sound. And at these stages, the control panels are such diverse.

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Your job is to control your vehicles by pressing the mobile screen. That is, the car remains stationary and is fast enough to overcome the opponent and finish first. After each stage of the game, the game becomes more and more difficult. If you want to win them all, you need to understand how you will use and use the tool to reach the maximum speed at the start of the match.

Strong Points of Pro series drag racing

Fully personalized cars

You will have completely control over what your car looks similar. Choose from a variety of different cars, as well as sports cars, F1 cars, muscle cars, trucks and some crazy originality in between. You can then customize your car. Be a success look like something out of a science- fiction movie. You can do whatever you want.

Online Multi User Mode

Play with other racers from around the world in an online multiplayer game. There are three types of racing multiplayer – bracket race, race heads up, and grid race. If you are unfamiliar with them, find them before trying to race. These races are tough, and these races are monitored.

Tune your car

In the Pro Series, you have complete control over your vehicle’s readiness, revision, suspension, timing, fuel delivery, speed, and launch control. The included roller skates allows you to check for changes and make sure you’re heading in the right direction! Tuning is almost limitless.

Online Mode with Complete Customization

In Pro Series drag racing games you can also have complete control over the look of your car. You can even change the color bar of the Pro Department of Defense car. There are millions of different merging and it allows you to style your car accordingly.

Making changes

In the Pro Series, you won’t miss a long ride in a stock car. So we’ve given you over 300 different modes in all classes to keep up with the rest of the riders. As you modify your car, you have to keep every modification, as each modification changes your car’s capabilities slightly.

Graphics and Sound Effects

When the panel is racing beautifully in the game, the details in the game are separated from the exact figures such as the model and the appropriate figures such as the fitting car, the engine of each car, and the steering wheel.

Pro Series Drag Racing Mod APK

Download Method

  • Press the download button and await for the download to complete.
  • Open the downloaded file.
  • Now go to your homepage, and the Pro Series Drag Racing.
  • Turn it on and enjoy the game to the fulness.


This game is perfectly safe. Does not comprise viruses. You can play and enjoy without any hassle or effort. Pro Series Drag Racing is a realistic and live racing racing simulation game. The game will give you clear moments of relaxation and speed, while speeding up the sound of each supercar while driving and download the game to your phone and start the fire race.

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