Download Shadow of Death: Dark Knight Mod APK For Android

Shadow of Death: Dark Knight Mod APK is a night fantasy game that is an RPG (Role Playing Game) as well as an action game. It has impressive graphics that are sure to make you very interested in this game. These attacks are best triggered to provide you with a very satisfying experience.

You can choose your weapons accordingly and fight the various enemies that get in your way. Your character will have different playing styles and fighting skills that you can use to your advantage.

The game is designed to present gamers with first-hand experience about the world of heroes. Your goal is to eliminate all opponents and become the best player from there. You will meet many monsters and creatures that you will need to defeat to move forward.

Players can use the keys given on their screen to move, jump and attack their opponents. To successfully defeat strong enemies, players will need to add a combination of skills.

Shadow of Death: Dark Knight Mod APK

Name Shadow of Death: Dark Knight
Size 154 MB
Category Action Game
Latest version


Shadow of Death: Dark Knight Mod APK is a popular action adventure thriller whose gameplay revolves around the life of a hero who goes on a journey to fight against evil forces. The shadow of death is located in the light of the city, where King Luther made a peaceful kingdom through the high gods in heaven.

The king established the Thunder Council. This council is keeping ancient knowledge that has been lost for thousands of years. Everything in the heavens and the earth, from magic, medicine, astrology, etc.

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However, tragedy can always come at any time. One day, King Lutheran dear sister fell ill and passed away.However, the king went to the council to find a way to bring his sister back from the dead. He combined his excellent knowledge with magic, medicine and alchemy to create a cure.

However, in the process of production, these things have inadvertently created the most terrible epidemic of humanity. When the lab exploded, everyone was on the rise, and the plague spread throughout the state.

By joining the shadow of death, you will face the brave Max. Get rid of all the monsters in your sight. Whenever you attract their attention, they will always target you. Note that monsters grow so fast that you have to deal with them quickly. Destroy the monsters according to the instructions and game tasks. Just complete the task, you can go through the stages in this game.

Intresting Features  

Game Modes

There are over 30 maps in Shadow of Death and hundreds of challenges await you. The two main modes of the game are Challenger and Adventure, as well as General, Hard, Hell and Crazy four levels of difficulty. Not only do you face monsters, but you also face huge boss monsters with tremendous power.

Various Skills

Proceed correctly to avoid the damage caused by the monsters and just walk in heaven. Try to kill as many monsters as possible to allow you to unlock and upgrade your skills.

Interesting Weapons

The Shadow of Death tools system provides a surprising experience for the player. Lots of weapons and dozens of rare items are playing you to conquer. Armor in the game are divided into four categories, Lost, Legendary, Magic and Rare. Every type of protection gives you full strength and resistance, with the help of which you can create a unique style in each individual. Defeating the boss is also an opportunity to have very rare items.


That game gives the players the option to play games with all his friends makes it a special place in the hearts of gamers. This is exactly what the makers took advantage of while designing the game. The game is designed with excellent multiplayer gameplay. The player can compete with the best players from all over the world and even play games with his friends.

Make Perfect Strategy

When the battle begins, all stickman needs to fight against many harmful monsters. The battle is so fierce that you have to try hard to win using a lot of skill and speed. Be sure to avoid physical attacks by monsters as well as magical attacks.

Upgrade Skills

Enjoy multiple upgrades in the best RPG games. The two systems you can upgrade to more powerful are the tools system and the skills system. Some monsters are extremely dangerous and you will need more powerful weapons than basic.


There are only 2D graphics in Shadow of Death; the world of Shadow of Death is mixed between two colors in contrast to light and dark, which give the game a unique epic.

Shadow of Death: Dark Knight Mod APK

How to Download?

  • Download Mod APK file.
  • Activate unknown sources when you enter the settings section.
  • Start Downloading Shadow of Death: Dark Knight Mod APK for your system.
  • After that download is finish, click the Install button on the screen to install the game.
  • Wait for the install action to complete.
  • Enjoy it.

Final Words

Shadow of Death: Dark Knight Mod APK : This is an amazing game project in which you will enjoy great features and appearance every day as well as enjoy all the functions available in the game. Try to conquer the mysterious universe, do not forget to collect a large number of swords, weapons and useful armor.

Only then will you become stronger and stronger. You need to be prepared for the most amazing and exciting game that you will not want to stop until you become the best fighter.

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