Download Tachiyomi APK 0.10.9 For Android Updated

Tachiyomi APK is a comic reading app. This will allow you to download and view data from popular sources. The service sustains the ability to read online and off-line. The software has a user-friendly interface, which allows you to selectivity view chapters.

Also, change the size of the page and the type of display of images on the screen. They have a lot of titles and have been making great strides lately as an art genre. Considering that Manga is an extraordinary book, it needs a special program to showcase its high quality.

Tachiyomi Mod APK

Name Tachiyomi
Size 16.19 MB
Category Reading APP
Version Updated
Price Free

About Tachiyomi APK

In the Tachiyomi APK settings section, you can choose to create basic commands, such as hanging in full screen and clicking to change pages. You can even customize the background color. Browse comics by theme, or easily delete reading data in the settings menu bar. Tchiyomi is a great tool for manga reading.

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Now, huge amount of comics are actually loaded into your Android phone. Also, many years ago there were not only old works, but also super new jokes.

Features of Tachiyomi APK

Ad-free comedy reader

Tachiyomi is a free open laughable reader. This ad-free e-reader allows you to read hundreds of worldwide and local comic series, from the oldest to the latest. It improves your ability as a reader by providing you with a large number of customizable settings.

Most significantly, it also lets you download your favorite comics, so you can read them offline and create backups locally or store them in your cloud storage. Virus Total has confirmed that Tachiyomi  is safe.

Manga selection

Tachiyomi provides the series with popular manga resources. With a direct and visceral user interface, the reader’s application is displayed, you only need couple of minutes to access your favorite comics. All you have to do is choose a source from a huge catalog and use the title search tool to find the comedy series you want.

Well-founded  alternative

It’s a reliable alternative to other manga reader apps, with a wide array of customization options that allow you to edit. For example, if you want to enter entire screen mode, just go to Reader Settings and amend the scale type. Here you can configure basic commands, such as clicking to change pages.


You can even customize the background theme and choose bright or dark. furthermore, it allows you to clear the chapter cache and cookies from the advanced settings bar.

The Finest comic reader

This is definitely one of the greatest comic readers in history. It has the potential to deliver trucks from the oldest to the latest generation of global and native comedy series.

Simple user interacting

Its simple user interface lets you simply browse the application and adjust the settings to your liking. So, if you are a comical or cartoon lover, then you are requested to use this amazing application.

How to download Tachiyomi APK?

  • Wait for the file to download, click the download below and then open it.
  • You can choose to download Tachiyomi APK.
  • The confirmation window will appear according to your browser preferences.
  • Click the download button again and save the file to your device.


Is a freely and free access Android manga reader. It is finer than comic in that it achieves alike modular expansion. This makes each source a separate APK. Once the source fails, simply update the APK of that source without updating the Tachiyomi APK software.

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