Download Truecaller Premium Mod APK For Android

Truecaller Premium Mod APK: There is no denying that the Internet is still dominating the world. Everywhere you are, you can immediately call or text someone. The Internet allows you to connect with friends and family from anywhere in the world. Now, there are many apps that allow you to chat freely with people like Messenger, WhatsApp or SnapChat and much more.

Truecaller premium is the world’s most used calling and SMS blocking app. Not only does it block unwanted or spam calls, SMS but it also offers a lot of advanced features. Like you can record phone calls, store all call history, SMS to Google Drive, see the name and profile picture that calls you, before they call you, That is, you can identify who is calling you before your phone rings.

Truecaller premium Mod APK

Name Truecaller
Size 72.7 MB
Category Communication app
Latest version 11.48.6

Truecaller Premium Mod APK

Almost each and every one of us use instant messaging in our daily lives. Whether it’s individual or business, we use it to communicate. However, there are times when unwanted calls or phrases affect our routine. In these instances, we can’t just rely on our phones or other instant messaging apps. However, Truecaller  is different.

It provides unlimited protection against unwanted calls or text. You can add people to your contact list with whom you want to communicate. That way, you won’t find any spam messages. When you receive scam messages or calls, the app automatically detects them. In this way, the risk of falling victim to one of them is eliminated.

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Plus, TrueCaller Premium is packed with features you wouldn’t expect from such an app. It has smart messaging, a powerful dialer, recorded phone calls, the option to view profiles privately and much more. The Truecaller app works smoothly on all smartphones like Android, BlackBerry, iOS, BlackBerry 10, and Windows Phone, etc.

Some interesting Features of Truecaller premium

Record Calls

Sometimes, we only want to record calls for personal or business purposes. Most phones do not offer this feature, especially older ones. But TrueCaller allows you to record any call so you can restore it over and over again. Also, read on the features below. This option is also useful when you are in business call so you do not forget anything important.

Quick messaging

This revolutionary app is capable of many things which is why it is so popular. It offers free chat so you can send texts to anyone in the world. It also automatically identifies each anonymous message so you don’t have to evaluate whether it is legal or not. After that, it automatically blocks these spam and telemarketing messages as well.

We all know they are a nuisance because they can affect our workflow. On a phone without a Truecaller it’s hard to know if a message will be important or not, but we respond anyway. In addition, it can be blocked by name and number series.

Truecaller premium Mod APK

Call record

The caller ID of this app lets you identify each caller. This powerful feature can also block spam and telemarketer calls. As we all know, these calls are very annoying to pick up especially when you are working. Then, you can also look up the names of unknown numbers in the call history so that you can block their calls in the future if you choose.

You can also use the Flash messaging option where you can share location, emoji and status in a Flash in your contacts. You can then access backup call history, contacts, messages and settings in Google Drive.

View Profile

This app also lets you know who has viewed your profile and who is interested in your profile. You also have the option to view the profiles in person so that you do not create doubts. There is a dearth of instant messaging apps that offer Truecaller. Because it’s an instant messaging app, you can view any of your contact profiles.

Think of it as a hybrid between your phone and the instant messaging app. But instead of keeping them separate, TruCaller offers all their features in one seamless app.

Dual Sim support

Most people today use more than 1 SIM card to separate their contacts for business and personal life. If you are a dual SIM card user, you will be happy to know that TruClear Premium has full dual SIM support. This means you don’t have to give up any SIM just to use this amazing app.

Exciting Benefit

In Truecaller Premium, you can access additional features that are not available. Features include recording phone calls, premium badges, 30 contact requests per month and no ads. In addition, you can get Gold Caller ID, high priority help for quick answers to all your questions.

Premium And Gold Membership

Truecaller also offers two premium packages, including a premium and gold membership to meet the needs and offer the best features to customers. With Truecaller Premium, in addition to using the basic features for free, you can also see who sees your profile and who can view other profiles secretly.

This premium version provides users to use unlimited recording function and communicate with people without having to worry about advertising. Furthermore, after upgrading your account, you will acquire a premium card on your profile.

Truecaller premium Mod APK

How to Download and Install?

  • Download Mod APK file.
  • When you enter to Settings section turn on Unknown Sources.
  • Start Downloading Truecaller premium Mod APK for your system.
  • Once that download is complete, click the Install button on the screen to install the game.
  • Wait for the install action to complete.
  • open the app and allow required permission.
  • Register your number to login or sign up for an account.
  • Enjoy it.

Final Words

This is an awesome application for you. With powerful features, useful, easy interface but no less professional, you can easily use it from the first download. In addition, the application promises to keep user data secure at all times, as well as highly secure. With all these benefits, Truecaller deserves to be the best application of communication support today.

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