Download WPS Connect APK For Android Updated

This time we wish to talk a little bit about WPS Connect APK. This feature is now widely available, but unluckily, lots of people have no idea how to use it. It is a security technique found on Wi-Fi and means Wi-Fi protected setup. WPS’s job is to connect the router to a Wi-Fi network receiving device, as an example, a Smartphone or laptop, make it easier, quickly and carefully.

Using that app, you can see the developer of the wireless hotspot frequency, channel, modem, encryption, security and router, power, name and media access control address distance around you. And show little piece of information about the devices connected to your network. In other words, this app is a Wi-Fi Analyzer with additional functions.

WPS Connect APK

Name WPS Connect
Size 2 MB
Category Apps
Version Updated
Price Free

What is WPS Connect APK?

WPS Connect APK stands for Wi-Fi safeguard Setup and is a standard introduced in January 2007 to promote connectivity to the home network. Basically, it works to speed up the connection with Wi-Fi without having to enter long and frivolous passwords: there are many ways to get instant connectivity.

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But everyone believes that the user who uses them has directly accessible to both the router, modem that provides the connection. The device for connecting is both. In short, it is not possible to use the WPS Connect APK if you are not near to the router.

How does it works?

The operation of this system is very simple. The first thing you need to do is try to connect your device to the network, whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet, computer or whatever else you want to access your router.

Next, you’ll need to click the WPS Connect button on your router. When you do, all you have to do is make sure that the “routing” has set up the Wi-Fi network through the router for a short time. Many routers will have a WPS indicator that will flash to tell you when this feature is enabled. This will happen within seconds of the network waiting for your device to open, and then WPS will be disconnected automatically.

During this time, when you activate WPS, your mobile can access the Wifi network in which the WPS method is configured.

How to connect to Wi-Fi network via WPS Connect APK?

Instructions for Android TV

  • On the Choose how to connect to the wireless router screen, select Connect via WPS.
  • When looking for a TV connection, press the WPS button on your wireless router.

Features of WPS Connect APK

Fastest Connect: We don’t need Wi-Fi settings first. Just turn on WPS on cell phone and modem then scan. Automatically attached’

Greater Safety: Through the process of network scanning, Wi-Fi will be connected more securely in some cases.

Easier Connect: You might say that WPS is easy to use. It only takes 10 seconds to connect.

Useful for password checking: WPS Connect is very useful for checking that password routers are secure. Not of course you can still use it for other things.

How to Install WPS Connect APK?

The most common is that your Android device does not allow installation from unknown files or unofficial resources, does not allow a third party application to be installed to perform the installation. Option must be enabled. Here’s how to do it step by step.

  • Find the “Settings” option in your phone menu.
  • In the Settings section, look for Security Options. This is in the private section of the menu.
  • You need allow the Unknown Source option in the Device Administrator section.
  • You can see a warning regarding the dangers of installing an unknown application. Click WPS Connect APK  Connect.


This is a little bit about the WPS Connect APK. For those who use Wi-Fi regularly, at least try this feature. In the past, there were probably still some devices that supported WPS. But now you can say that this is very common. There are many, for example, in the home modem.

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