Download YouTube Vanced Mod APK For Android

YouTube Vanced Mod APK: Such as the first name suggests, is an alternative application to Youtube for Android. But it’s not an alternate like quiver. Which is a different platform. somewhat, it is an app for the same Google service, but with benefits. There may be an option to play music as the main mobile phone or tablet is deactivated. But this app gives us a lot more to enjoy streaming video.

YouTube Vanced Mod APK

Name YouTube Vanced
Size 63.6 MB
Category YouTube Modded
Latest version 16.14.34

YouTube Vanced Mod APK

This is an updated version of the official YouTube application. This allows us to watch videos without video ads. YouTube Vansed is completely ad-free, as the YouTube ad blocker enters the original application.

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YouTube Vanced allows us to do things that Google’s official Google Play Store doesn’t allow us to do. With Screen of Music, as we’ve said before, take out ads that run before, during and after videos. And be added many other functions and features like forcing playback in High Dynamic Range mode.

The problem with this app is that the ‘easy’ way to install it is through root permission. If we are not rooted, then we must first install Microg, an alternative to Google Play Services.

What Are The variance Between Youtube Vanced From Normal Youtube

  • Block built-in ads.
  • Operate in the background.
  • Image format in image.
  • Ability to view resolutions that are not valid on your device.
  • Video rearrangement.
  • And a lot of new features that we can’t count on.

Best FeaturesĀ 

Well-Known video platform: This is a YouTube customer with emerging features that allow you to use the popular video platform for streaming. It is important to point out that these additional features do not include video downloads.

Videos in the Downplay: It also lets you listen to videos in the background when you turn off the screen of your smartphone. And this is the most interesting part of YouTube Vanced. With it, you can listen to music and use YouTube to listen to podcasts at any time.

Prevent all ads: Another significant feature of YouTube Vanced is that you can block all commercials on your videos. Sure, you can enable or disable this option at any time, but it turns on by default.

Alternate client: YouTube Vanced is an alternative YouTube client that allowing listen to videos in the background, block ads, and customize your content. Image details use the ‘Repeat Video’ option and more. Everything from an interface that matches the original client.

Based on YouTube Application programming interface: The main user interface and features are similar to Google’s YouTube app.

The image you Created: Pop-up video for multiple processing, you can watch video on mobile phone while performing other tasks with image style. Simply put, you can compress the video to take up a small portion of your screen so you can do other things on your device.

Parallel use: You can use the application in conjunction with the original default application. The app has a diverse package and can run with the original YouTube app. So you don’t need to uninstall the default YouTube app to use YouTube Vanced.

Override the Resolution: Override the maximal resolution to display the video trailer in a quality that is not suitable for your device.

Swipe to Zoom: You can zoom out to enlarge the video and cover the entire screen.

Slide control: You can manage the volume and brightness with simple indication controls that allow you to fully explore the Vanced app.

YouTube Vanced Mod APK

Is it safe to use YouTube Vanced Mod APK?

It offers the same features as the official YouTube app, as well as similar configuration options. It also works with Microg, a fully authenticated platform that relies on Google services to offer alternative stores. Another story is the same return that YouTube has shown.

During recent changes in terms of use, the platform has become a type of clause that allows it to legalize and suspend accounts if they are no longer commercially viable, meaning they are no longer eating ads on videos. Or included, they have availed the services of service premium. Using an alternative platform.

How Install YouTube Vanced Mod APK ?

  • Install updates to the YouTube app from Settings and disable unnecessary updates in the Google Play Store.
  • Gonna get it YouTube Vanced app file here and install it.
  • Download and install the Microg app. You need to log in to your account.
  • You are willing to use the application.
  • We have to start circularly with Microg, which acquires its identity using the Google interface. And, we see our tendency to create recreated videos and playlists.


Well, YouTube does not needĀ  an introduction. This is a world renowned video streaming site. Where large number of videos are available to watch. Large number of people watch videos and spend time on YouTube every day. These are the millions of people who make millions of dollars by becoming creators on YouTube.

With the YouTube Vanced Mod APK you can play videos, download them as soon as the screen is closed, you have playback available in Personal Improvement Plan or floating window, you can watch them without ads.

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