Download Zombie Tsunami Mod APK For Android Updated

Zombie Tsunami Mod APK is a casual game released by MobiGame S.A.R.L. This is an sensational game that has become invaluable for today’s mobile devices. In this game, you will be in the shoes of zombies, and do what they like. Zombies like to kill and turn every end of humanity into a zombie.

In Zombie Tsunami, you have to learn how to think like a zombie. surprisingly, zombies can’t even think, which makes the game completely easier. In this game, you will go to rage and eliminate whatever you come up with. You will eat everything you see and turn the whole universe into a zombie.

Zombie Tsunami Mod APK

Name Zombie Tsunami
Size 67.8 MB
Category Arcade Game
Latest version 4.5.0

Zombie Tsunami Mod APK

The common denominator with other zombie games is that you are a hero, and you will be killing zombies. You will be able to adventure the other side of the story with this game. As a result, you will become a destroyer instead of a savior in this game. Zombie Tsunami mod apk will turn you into a zombie.

After that which you will attack cities and towns. Your main goal is to destroy everything you see and turn everyone into zombies and wipe out humanity. The important thing in this game is your damaging ability because you will eliminate everything that comes your way. You will eat everyone.

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instead of taking action you a saviour, it makes you a destroyer. The game turns you into a zombie who will attack a city and aim to turn everyone into a zombie and remove the last trace of human presence. You have to eliminate everything that comes your way and eat every human beings. With high quality gameplay, Zombie Tsunami currently has 200 million users.

Key Features of Zombie Tsunami

Easy controls

A game is already a highly successful that can attract big users and Zombie Tsunami is said to be perfect for all age groups with its simple gameplay. No one needs to be a gaming expert to play this game. With a single touch, the entire zombie board can be controlled.

Difficulty levels

The creators of Zombie Tsunami did not want the user to get bored so easily. That’s why they created a gameplay with almost plus 100 difficulty levels that gamers can enjoy without getting tired.


If you think the game is limited to human zombies, you are mistaken. The game gives you an extra chance to turn zombie birds into zombies. It’s scary.

An Exciting Game

The game is full of many upgrades that the gamer can unlock during the game. Each game will help you enhance your abilities and the chances of turning people into zombies. Every game is fun but there is a different level of fun when you enjoy playing with your friends.

Zombie Tsunami allows you to challenge your friends to a race where you have to eliminate everything that gets in your way.

Different zombie types

In addition, the game includes various zombie types that play with users. They all have their own capabilities that help the user win the game. Few of them include Giant Z, Ninja Zombie, Gold Zombie, Dragon, and many more. There are many types of zombies for users to trace and remove humanity from the world.

Graphics and sound

A real life graphics and visual effects is used in this game. Make sure it makes the gaming experience real and addictive. Looking at the graphics and hearing the sound alone makes you want to play much more this game.


Downloading this game is completely safe. Users will not receive any security warnings while downloading. Your devices will be 100% secure.

Zombie Tsunami Mod APK

How to install Zombie Tsunami?

The installation process for this game is quite simple and easy. You need to download from the internet and follow some steps.

  • First, open the setting of your phone and allow unknown sources.
  • Now go to the link from which you want to download this game and start downloading.
  • Once the download is complete, open your file manager and search for the ‘Zombie Tsunami Mod APK’. Once you’ve found the folder, open it and click on it to begin the installation process.
  • Enjoy it.

Final Words

Zombie tsunami is the ideal justification for its name. The game allows you to play from the other end of the story by creating a zombie with a primary goal of turning the city into a zombie and removing the last trace of humanity from the planet.

Zombie Tsunami provides an excellent opportunity to get unlimited gold which will play a significant role in the game. Gold can be used to shop from the store which definitely increases the chances of winning the game.

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