Role Of Technology in Our Life And Society

Role Of Technology: The advancement influence society in points of view, for instance, farming, guidance, administrative issues, transport and so on. It is an instrument Which has changed society thinking in present time. We’ve always seen the renowned peoples at the forefront use of technology.

But in today’s world, this technology has made the development of every human being easier. And with each passing day, this technology is available to every human being. There are so many things available to us that make our work easy. From our home to our office, we use every possible technology to become the basis of our ease.

The use of laptops for our office work as well as the use of mobile phones to communicate with our loved ones. All of this has been made easier for us by this technology. This article will discuss the effects of technology in our society as well as our routines.

Role Of Technology


Our Daily Life

Technology has made our work easier as well as our personal lives . Most of our household works that technology allows us make easier and fast. In the same way that we plan to go outside with our friends, all these technological tools have made an impact in our lives.

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Transport System

In the pre-technological era, we may not be so familiar with the transportation of goods. But in today’s world, this technology has made it easier for people to move their goods in same city as well as others country Due to which it has a great impact on our daily life.

Because of technology, You can explore every part of the earth with every place that was not easy before. We use Buses and Railway from our office to home. All this has greatly affected our life.

Education System

Many schools and colleges incorporate information and communication technology into their syllabuses on a daily basis. Technical-oriented classes and their impact enhance students’ learning And attracts the attention of more and more students. In addition to science students in classes and labs, technology tools have made the process of understanding easier for subject students. With each passing day, this technology has made it easier for everyone to learn.

Role of Technology in Communication

In the previous era, when someone went from one country to another, there were many expensive ways to contact someone. With each passing day, communication has become easier than ever before, thanks to technology. Technology has made the style of communication much better. But today we can easily send a message to our friends or family members and we have a great network thanks to this technology.

Farming System

The revolution that technology has brought to the work of agriculture may not have been there before. With the help of machinery used in farming, it has been made work in maximum space in lesser time. And most of all, it has reduced human effort in harvesting crops. Many of the things in farming easier because of the ease of technology.

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