Best Night Light Settings For windows 10 And How To Activate And Configure

Windows 10 Night Light: In our busy day, most of our time is spent working on Windows. Sometimes we spend our free time watching different kinds of entertainment, movies or advice shows. Of course, the quality of the existing panels has improved a lot in this regard.

But some users consider him a very good friend while many consumers still expect a lot of improvement. In this period of time , it is never considered good for eyes. This is something that does not affect us at the same time when it has a very high effect on our eyes according to the long term.

Windows 10 Night Light

Similarly, we need to keep a certain distance from the monitor. And looking at all of them, Microsoft itself is well aware of all of them and it also offers us a solution. In today’s article, we will take a closer look at Windows 10 Night Light So let’s started.

About Night Light Settings For windows 10

This solution, which is presented by Windows to protect our eyes, is presented in the form of the components present in the system. What we’re going to get is that our screen is constantly showing warm colors And to do that, of course, we have to activate the process to protect our eyes from damage.

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It is worth noting that experts in this field recommend using this display mode when working in poor lighting conditions in Windows. The most important of these is the case where we often use the computer at night. That’s why we can create a lot of parameters to adapt our process to our needs.

How To Activate And Configure Easily

If we choose to use the wonderful feature that the Microsoft provides us, we can easily use it. This is something that, like many other things, we can get from the settings of the system itself. So how do we get there?

First of all we need to press the Win + I key  to reach it. After that we will see a section on the screen that appears, especially in the left panel of the screen. In front of us will be a section called screen which we select. At this point we are under this control Which are used to control the brightness of the screen. What we are interested in is found in the Night light section. It is possible that You will see this element deactivate. So we need to do it activate. Of course, this part will be very useful for you.

Configure Night Mode

To improve its use, once we activate it as we have seen before, we will configure it. To do this, click night light Configuration. This will take us to a separate window. A button is the first thing that we will see.Which will enable us to run this feature quickly. In addition, we have the ability to adjust the intensity of the display mode at a time And this can only be achieved by moving the appropriate slider.

Launch Automatic Night Lighting Plans

This button will help us to guess what the screen will look like when this mode is turned on. The best thing is that we can adjust the exact  time. On which we want to start the Night light or deactivate it.

We can also adjust it to our liking. For example, when it gets dark or when we believe we are doing less in a low light environment. To let you know what we’re doing with a window, let’s activate a selector Slightly less what is called a night lighting program.

We can also adjust the on time or off time and check with it. Windows knows based on our configured time zone when night will be in our zone when it turns on activate mode. The same thing happens with the sunrise But this part needs to be deactivate. On the other hand, we want to manually create these plans To do this, just click on the correct start and end time of the Windows Night light.

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