Windows 10 Startup Sound Best Tips to Enable & Disable

When you press the power button to turn on your PC, it will ring one before the appearance of the Windows login screen. This is the Windows startup sound and indicates that your computer is ready to use. Windows 10 includes an option to turn this startup sound on or off.

So if you don’t like this sound, you can easily change the setting and disable this default music. So today, we’ll show you how you can enable / disable Windows 10 startup sound in easy ways.

Windows 10 Startup Sound

How to Enable & Disable Window 10 Startup Sound?

  • By way of Settings Application
  • Use sound settings
  • Using the control panel
  • Use the Local Group Policy Editor

By way of Settings Application

  • Right-click on an empty space on the desktop and personalize the last option.
  • On the personalize Configuration screen, select Themes in the right pane. Go to the right pane and select Sounds.
  • In the sound dialog, check the option Play Window startup sound.

Use Sound Setting

  • Right-click the volume icon on the taskbar. From the right-click menu, select Sounds
  • In the sound settings, click the sound tab
  • Select the options next to the Play Windows Startup Sound’ option.
  • Click the ‘Apply’ button and then ‘OK’
  • To disable startup sound, turn off the ‘Play Windows startup sound’ option

Using the control panel

  • Click Start type CP and press Enter
  • Find the Sound option on Control Panel and click on it. Let the sound dialog appear on the PC
  • Select and apply Windows Startup Sound Play and then press OK

Use the Local Group Policy Editor

  • First, open Windows Search and find Run
  • Open the Run panel from the list of options
  • Type in msc and hit Enter button
  • On the Local Group Policy Editor press logon icon
  • On the right panel, double-click on the ‘Windows Startup Sound Off’ option
  • Select Enabled or Disabled based on your preference. If you select ‘Enabled’, Windows 10 startup sound will not play. To play the sound, select ‘Disabled’.

Final Words

So these methods are very easy to disable & Enable startup sound on Windows 10. The default start sound indicates to the user that his computer is ready to use. So, play and enjoy the sound of window opening with this easy and interesting guide.

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